KDE Plasma – Kickoff menu freezes when making adjustments

So I installed a fresh Kubuntu 15.04 on my desktop and all was going smoothly (ish).

I noticed that whenever I tried to move a program in my favourites list or add a new one, the whole Kickoff menu, the panels, everything just froze.

I found a fix.

There was a lock file, ~/.config/kickoffrc.lock that hadn’t been removed (I guess during some other edit I made) – I simply deleted this file and everything started working again.

Hope it helps someone else who has this problem!

oh-my-zsh git plugin tip

Just a handy little tip.

The zsh git plugin offers a handy little function called ‘current_branch’. This will return the current git branch in the current git repository.

You can call zsh functions within commands by wrapping them with ‘$()’.

This helps me to reduce one of the little frustrations I have with git – specifying the branch name when pushing.

Now, I can just type this:

$ git push origin $(current_branch)

Of course, I’ve shortened this by creating an alias for current_branch called ‘cb’, so I just type:

$ git push origin $(cb)

The alias can be added to your .zshrc with the following code:

alias cb="current_branch"

Simple and helpful.

recent-branches – a quick git command

I’m often switching between the same few branches in git – whether I’ve been distracted by doing a quick fix in another branch, or am doing a code review on a colleague’s branch – and get frustrated with having to type out the name of said branches all the time.

With that in mind, I created a quick ruby script that will show me my most recently checked-out branches (up to a limit of my choosing) and allow me to check one out quickly by typing a number.

As mentioned, the limit can be set by the user, simply by adding the key ‘recent.limit’ to the git config (either –global or in the current project) with an appropriate number.

If this sounds useful, grab the code here: https://github.com/ascii-soup/git-recent-branches

Static Rows widget for jQuery Tablesorter

I was using the fantastic jQuery Tablesorter plugin at work the other day and needed to keep a single “actions” row at the bottom of the table. I found the “Widget” tutorial and quickly knocked up a new widget that ensured my actions row stayed at the bottom when the columns were sorted, and then added the tidy-up job to my todo list.

So here it is. I tidied up the widget I created and allowed any rows to be marked as “static” by simply adding the “static” class to the <tr> tag.

Hopefully this will be of use to someone out there, as I found nothing while searching for something similar last week.

If you do use this widget, please let me know how you got on and if you find any bugs, please report them!

Download from GitHub

Not everything has to be a website!

Being a web developer, and working for a web development company, I often find myself coming up with ideas for new in-house tools that can improve our day-to-day lives.

Where I work, we have “creative days” once a month where us devs get to spend the whole day doodling around, playing with new technologies, building tools and generally just flexing our grey matter and keeping our skillset sharp.

Being a web developer, and working for a web development company, I often find myself building these tools as websites. It stands to reason; I use the LAMP[hp] stack all day, I live and breathe web and web technologies. Lately, however, I’ve been fiddling with C# and building *gasp* … desktop apps.

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